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October 11, 2011

Cucumber Salad


Cucumber salad is a very light, refreshing side.  It is simple to make and easy to prepare.  It is a great side when preparing any type of Asian dish such as stir-fry, lettuce wraps, etc.  This recipe serves 4. 


Cucumber Salad

2 cucumbers

2 tsp. sesame oil

2 tsp. sugar

1/4 c. white wine

2 T. soy sauce

2 T. sesame seeds


Peel the skin from the cucumbers.  Slice the cucumbers in half, lengthwise.  Remove the seeds then slice each cucumber half into bite size, half moon shaped pieces.  In a bowl, mix together the sesame oil, sugar, white wine, and soy sauce.  Toss the cucumbers with the dressing mixture.  Place into serving bowl then top with toasted sesame seeds.