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April 9, 2011

Easy Carmelized Grilled Onions

These onions are so simple and so delicious, especially if you are an onion lover already.  The simple twist in the recipe gives the onions a flavor you can enjoy alone or to enhance any other dish.  Try them on a grilled chicken breast, a burger, or even on a salad.


Easy Carmelized Grilled Onions
1 large sweet yellow onion
1 Tbl. butter or margarine
1 Tbl. brown sugar
Peel and slice the onion.  Heat butter in a medium size nonstick skillet on medium high heat.  Add onion and saute until tender, about 10 minutes.  Stir the onions every few minutes.  Once onions are tender, sprinkle with brown sugar.  Stir around the onions and brown sugar until carmelized.